Since 2009, Mercatus has assessed over 22 GW of solar projects while enabling $400 million in investments and transactions.


The following information is based on data from more than 2,500 actual solar projects of more than 50 investors and 300 developers over the past 2 years, which is estimated to cover 60% of the U.S. market.

Major trends covered in this report:

  • The Cost of Capital continues to Drop as More Money Flows into Commercial Solar
  • A Continued trend of Operating Assets (“OpCos”) Coming on the Market to Feed the
    YieldCo Beast
  • Trends in Commercial Solar Investment Focus – Look out West, Here Comes the East
  • Where are the Up-and-coming Markets, and Why Are They Up-and-coming?
  • Trends by Project Type - Just How Big is the Shift to Rooftops?
  • Know Your Location - Comparing Market Drivers in Key States